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Heavy Duty Engines for Industry / Marine

KST’s heavy duty engine test field is designed for engines of up to 4000 kW (800 kW transient) and 60,000 Nm (used in tandem) – as required also with sea water cooling. The test benches are provided with all required[...]

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Electric / Hybrid Drives

For the base development and mechanical testing of electric drives, KST operates a modern test field with dynamic E-powertrain test benches and test benches to simulate completely electrified powertrains: High voltage supply of various manufacturers and performance categories of up to[...]

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Emissions & Emissions Development

KST supports the entire development process by developing a functional model by calibrating the ECU on the test bench, as well as by optimizing functional algorithms after road trials. Engine Tuning The following are available to optimize the engine management system: Application software[...]

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Test Facility & Technical Equipment

Test benches that can be configured in a variety of ways are available for the development and testing of combustion engines. Our spectrum of services covers the entire range of engines, from motorcycle engines, to passenger car and truck engines,[...]

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